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Welcome to The Pearl Of Africa!

Situated at the geographical heart of the African continent, Uganda has long been a cultural melting point, as evidenced by the existence of 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of colors, music art and handicrafts.  Uganda is home to a profusion of colorful tribal groups and today, they are all proud to be Ugandans, with their own traditional lands and a way of life inherited from their ancestors.

This page celebrates the life of the Ugandan People. From time memorial to date, the different ways we live that makes us unique. Governance, History, Arts, Dance, Food, Language, Economy, Society, Music, Traditions and just about everything that makes us PROUD TO BE UGANDAN!

Bakiga Women

Bakiga women

Working with Green Chariot Eco Safaris, we organize alternative safaris which are more than just driving to the National parks and viewing animals. We ensure the visitors interact with the Ugandan people living around attractions providing them with special memories of Africa.


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